the ability of foreigners to buy real estate in Dubai, emphasizing the openness of Dubai's property market

Can a foreigner buy real estate in Dubai?


Absolutely! Foreigners can definitely buy real estate in Dubai, and it's actually quite straightforward compared to many other countries. Here's a breakdown:

Ownership Options:

  • Freehold: This grants full ownership with the right to buy, sell, lease, or inherit the property. Foreigners can own freehold property in designated areas throughout Dubai.
  • Leasehold: This grants long-term tenancy rights (usually for 99 years), but the land ultimately belongs to the developer. Leasehold options are available in many areas of Dubai.


  • There are no restrictions on nationality or residency status for buying Dubai real estate.
  • You must have a valid passport and be able to financially support the purchase.
  • Some specific developments might have additional requirements, so inquire directly.


  • No income tax or property tax in Dubai on sale, only at purchase time at 4%
  • Stable and transparent legal system
  • Attractive rental yields for investors - one of the highest one!
  • Diverse property options and vibrant market

Things to Remember:

  • Only buy property in designated freehold areas for foreigners.
  • Understand the different ownership options and their implications.
  • Seek professional advice from a real estate agent and lawyer familiar with Dubai regulations.
  • Conduct thorough due diligence before any purchase.


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