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Plan your route before you leave; Google Maps may assist you in determining where the traffic is; some places in Dubai, such as Jumeirah Lake Towers, Discovery Gardens, and Jumeirah Beach Residence, are constantly congested; Karama, Deira, and the International City are also congested. Traffic has been much easier with Google Maps; Google Maps can aid you with ways to get to your location faster and more easily. If you're running late, you may check the RTA website for traffic updates if you're on time and already running late.

Specific Hours: Traffic hours are coordinated with workplace and school schedules. Sheikh Zayed Road and Hessa Street, for example, have heavy traffic between 8 and 9 a.m. and 5 and 7 p.m. That is why you should avoid these hours and go before or after these times.

Weekends: On weekends, roadways near big retail malls and parks may be congested since families visit at this time. It's generally better if you leave your house early on Saturday morning while everyone is sleeping.

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