For investors who prefer other asset classes but want to include real estate to their portfolio, fractional ownership is an appealing option. SLS Dubai is expected to revolutionize property investments in the UAE with this product, providing a new financial asset class that is both secure and realistic.

SLS fractional ownership is unusual in that, unlike timeshare or typical joint ownership, each fraction comes with its own ownership certificate. Without receiving NOC from other portion owners, these can be resold.

Such fractional ownership model offers guaranteed yearly returns and the possibility for larger capital value increase at a fraction of the cost and cheap entry price for a luxury asset, allowing to the fractional ownership model.

The new SLS Hotel & Homes is one of the region's highest hotels and residences, perfectly placed in the city's lively Burj Khalifa District. The 75-story skyscraper, which is operated by the Accor Group, contains 254 hotel rooms, 371 residential units, and 321 hotel flats. The construction has 75-story infinity pools with breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa. On the 71st story, an extravagant sky lobby with a premium lounge and bar gives panoramic views of Dubai's shimmering metropolis.

The award-winning architect Aedas and interior designer Paul Bishop collaborated on the SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences. WOW RED is a part of MAPA Group, a major multinational with over 200 projects throughout the world and four decades of success.


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