Welcome to the world of property investment with PHOREE Real Estate, the No.1 Broker with American Management and a Wealth Management Team with 40 years of experience in the United States of America. We firmly believe that there’s no better way to build long-term wealth than through real estate. Investing in real estate provides multiple profit paths and the incredible benefit of using debt to finance deals.

🔵 An Overview of the Wealth Building Aspects of Property Investment

Investing in real estate builds wealth in several ways:

1️⃣ Cash flow from rents: With a properly analyzed deal, investors will collect excess cash flow from a rental property every month.

2️⃣ Loan amortization: When investment property tenants pay rent, that money pays your mortgage. As your loan balance decreases, your equity – or ownership – in the property increases, building your overall wealth.

3️⃣ Property appreciation: Property investors also benefit from long-term property appreciation. As the values of your property investments increase over time, your net worth builds with them.

🔵 The Wealth Building Advantages of Leverage

Leverage, or borrowing money to purchase a home, significantly increases your return on investment. For example, if you can buy a rental property for AED 918,250 ($250,000), and it generates AED 55,095 ($15,000) in net operating income every year, that would translate to a 6% return on investment, or ROI.

🔵 The Challenges of Traditional Financing

Before investing in properties with traditional mortgages, you’ll need to have AED cash, and outstanding financial health. And, with respect to the properties themselves, only ones in good condition will qualify for these mortgages.

🔵 Hard Money Loans as a Partial Alternative to Traditional Financing

Fortunately, an alternative financing path exists for investors who don’t meet the above requirements for traditional mortgages: hard money loans. Hard money lenders lend based on what they believe the property will be worth in the future.

🔵 Step 1: Save Cash and Gain Experience by Bird Dogging and Wholesaling

Bird dogging and wholesaling will help in two main ways. First, you can use the proceeds from these deals to put together cash for future property investments. Second, when you act as a bird dogger or wholesaler, you learn how to analyze deals, a skill that will be critical to successful property investments.

🔵 Step 2: Grow Your Capital and Rehab Experience by Flipping Houses

The above strategies will give you the cash and experience to make the jump into house flipping. That is, as a fix & flip investor, you need to understand everything wholesalers do about finding good deals, and you need to have some cash.

🔵 Step 3: Build Long-term Wealth Investing in BRRR Properties

After gaining experience in the fix & flip world, investors who want to truly build long-term wealth usually make the jump into the BRRR strategy. This requires all of the experience and knowledge of flippers, but now you also need to understand property management andtenant law.

🔵 Step 4: Maximize Cash Flow and Wealth by Investing in Multifamily Properties

Once you’ve mastered the BRRR strategy, the next step is to invest in multifamily properties. These properties are typically more expensive than single-family homes, but they also generate more cash flow and build wealth faster.

🔵 Step 5: Diversify and Protect Your Wealth by Investing in Commercial Real Estate

The final step in the property investment journey is to diversify into commercial real estate. This type of investment can be more complex than residential real estate, but it also offers higher potential returns and more ways to increase value.


Investing in real estate is a proven way to build wealth over the long term. It requires knowledge, experience, and a willingness to take calculated risks. But with the right approach, anyone can succeed in this field. Partnering with PHOREE Real Estate, the No.1 Broker with American Management and a Wealth Management Team with 40 years of experience in the United States of America, can make your journey smoother and more profitable.


Munawar Abadullah 

CEO, PHOREE Real Estate

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