Learn how foreigners can have 100% property ownership in Dubai, and partner with PHOREE Real Estate for expert guidance, market insights, and tailored services.

🏠 Can a Foreigner Have 100% Property Ownership in Dubai? A Comprehensive Guide

1️⃣ 🌍 Freehold Property Ownership for Foreigners: Foreigners can indeed have 100% property ownership in Dubai in designated freehold areas, which include prime locations such as Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina.

📍 PHOREE Real Estate's Area Expertise: Our team provides in-depth knowledge of freehold areas, ensuring you invest in the right location to maximize potential returns.

2️⃣ 📜 UAE Property Ownership Laws: The 2002 Freehold Property Law allows foreigners to own freehold properties in Dubai's designated areas, providing them with the same rights as UAE nationals, including the right to sell, lease, or rent the property.

📚 PHOREE Real Estate's Legal Guidance: We offer expert advice on property ownership laws in Dubai to help you make informed decisions and ensure legal compliance.

3️⃣ 🏘️ Types of Properties for Foreign Ownership: Foreigners can own various types of properties in Dubai, including apartments, villas, and townhouses, in both off-plan and ready-to-move-in projects.

🏡 PHOREE Real Estate's Diverse Property Portfolio: Our extensive property listings cater to every preference and budget, making it easy for you to find your ideal investment or residential property.

4️⃣ 💼 Setting up a Company for Property Ownership: Foreigners can also set up a company in Dubai to own property, enabling them to buy properties outside designated freehold areas. However, this option may involve additional costs and requirements.

🏢 PHOREE Real Estate's Company Formation Assistance: We guide you through the process of setting up a company for property ownership, helping you navigate the legal and regulatory landscape.

5️⃣ 🛡️ Protecting Your Property Investment: Ensure your investment is secure by obtaining a title deed from the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and staying up to date with local property laws and regulations.

🔏 PHOREE Real Estate's Investment Protection Services: Our team offers ongoing support and guidance to safeguard your property investment, ensuring you stay informed and compliant with all relevant regulations.

🔚 Conclusion: Foreigners can indeed have 100% property ownership in Dubai, primarily in designated freehold areas. By partnering with PHOREE Real Estate, you can navigate the complexities of property ownership in Dubai with ease, access valuable market insights, and make the most of your investment opportunities.


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