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Villas are undoubtedly the hottest rental properties in Dubai. As Dubai boasts a variety of rental homes, renters often face a dilemma in choosing whether a villa is the best fit or not for them. Price is the foremost factor when comparing different homes. Though the villa seems expensive, it offers perks that are hard to find in apartments. For instance, you can find a 3-bedroom villa for an average of 45k AED yearly rent. And a 3-bedroom apartment can also fall into the same price bracket. The difference would lie in the location and size of the properties. Most villas in Dubai are located in private, gated communities and shared spaces, making them perfect homes for families.

If location is not crucial for you, villas can be an ideal choice for a relaxing lifestyle. Villas are best for families seeking a tranquil environment away from the city hustle. Ample outdoor space, natural lighting, recreational areas, ultra-luxury amenities - villas are always in-demand among residents preferring more outdoor and private lifestyles. If you're staying for a longer time in Dubai and seek intimate living in a community-based property, renting a villa can give you the best of both worlds. Start searching best villas for rent in Dubai now

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TWant to rent a villa in Dubai quickly? You've come to the right place. With PHOREE at your aid, renting a villa in Dubai is easy, quick, and hassle-free. You can connect with us directly for a property tour of your choice. And the rest will be taken care of by our team. Want to rent the villa of your dream? We make it easy. From golf course views to balcony opening to blue lagoon waters, you can find villas with stunning backdrops and high-end facilities. PHOREE specializes in premium villa rentals in Dubai. From sprawling gardens to the massive parking garage, you can find anything and everything you need with our expert team.

Looking for more space? Or a lush green lawn for your daily yoga session? Dubai is always at the top among investors. Post-pandemic, more and more people are looking for villas that offer them more space and calmness, making them hot properties in the market. Villas for rent in Dubai are always hard to find, especially in popular locations. Professional help can always be a huge help to lock in a deal quickly. With PHOREE, you can explore off-market villas in great communities like Akoya, DAMAC, JLT, JVC, etc., at the best value for your money. Don't miss the opportunity to book your favorite home. View premium villas for rent in Dubai now at PHOREE.

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As said previously, villas are always in demand. Since Dubai is one of the fastest-growing emirates in the United Arab Emirates, more and more people from the world over are coming here for business and leisure. There's no surprise that different communities here live peacefully together, especially in villa communities. Hence, choosing a neighborhood is the first factor to consider. Though villas symbolize status, they're often a reflection of luxury at their best in Dubai. Large families generally prefer renting villas in Dubai, giving them more privacy and outdoor space. You can find villas starting from 2 bedrooms to 8 bedrooms and more. And they can be as massive as 15000 sq ft.

There's no shortage of reasons as to why people want to live in Dubai - idyllic landscapes, state- of-the-art facilities, safest places to live, and much more. You'll be surprised to know that a villa in Dubai can have a maid room, spacious balcony, enormous parking garage, private beach, Italian floorings, brand new fixtures, two or more kitchens, and more. Being the playground of the ultra-rich, Dubai boasts some of the most expensive villas in the world. What are you looking for in your home? Share with us! Or start exploring our signature collection of villas now.

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Based in Dubai, PHOREE leads the rental market in Dubai as well as across the Middle East. We're proud to be the first and only iBUYER real estate company in the Middle East. Amassing experience from years in the Middle East real estate industry, PHOREE guarantees ultimate rental and buying experiences in Dubai. Thousands of clients trust our expert investment consultants to buy and sell their property quickly and hassle-free. Our villas for rent in Dubai are ideal for foreign tourists and nationals looking for a residence with contemporary features.

Our property consultant will always be with you at every step, helping you make informed choices. We're trusted by hundreds of clients for reliable, quick, and tailored services. Ready to book your villa in Dubai? Contact us for any queries or services now

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